Our Lord and Savior - Jesus of Nazareth

Interim Pastor Elizabeth Orling

Vestry (Church Council) 
President -  Vicki Corson 
Vice President - Jim Ude
Minister for Finance/Treasurer - Bob Larsen
Minister for Communications/Secretary - Julie Malone
Minister for Worship - Elizabeth Christian
Minister for Education - Vacant
Minister for Christian Service - Pamela Wise
Minister for Youth - Katie Sirguy
Member at Large - Gary Johnson
Minister for Facilities - Greg Bondy

Minister of Music and Worship Arts - 
Joy Lingerfelt (Associate in Ministry)
Administrator - 
Peggy Romero
Youth & Family Program Coordinator - Kim Clevenger
Preschool Teachers 
Kathy Braun & Christine Haire
Office Receptionist - Paula Grimes
Custodians - Terry Smith and Zorba Alexis-Stricker
Caretaker - Clueless Winddancing